The first step towards creation is to see everything as it really is, and that demands a constant effort.


Peter Geo Kent

Someone who pays close attention to the emotional effects of the visual.

My focus is branding and the thoughtful application of it across the Web. I’m well-rounded: with formal roots in graphic design, I’ve become a seasoned web developer, a proficient photographer, and an articulate writer. 

I’m a Californian raised in France and Germany before studying in Los Angeles. Currently based in Portland, but perennially traveling and working on the go. 




To encompass an identity visually, instantly; to make it widely discernible and timeless—that gets me every time.


We spend so much time here that curating delightful experiences is my form of interior design.


I don’t just make things look good—I make things. My writing and photography skills prove very useful in bringing a project together.

When I said pleasure, what I really meant was work, which really is the deepest pleasure.

—Robert Hass


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